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Founded in January 2008

Tankers Toys was founded in January 2008 and is a special *family* of adult RuneScape (age 20+) players that are growing closer every day. We help each other while having fun joking around when we are skilling, killing or doing events together whatever the case maybe even if it’s working towards that exclusive banking cape. It’s nice to have a family on RuneScape that is loyal, trustworthy, lighthearted and pleasant to be with. We welcome new players into our family if they are laid back, relaxed, and know how to have fun while being respectable and respectful.

Friends are family you chose for yourself and friendship isn’t a big thing, it's a million little things. A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the nicest things you can be.

Clan Officers


Owner/Leader (Founder) - Tankrman

Deputy Owner/Leader - Buliwyf8

Deputy Owner/Leader - Bo Peep8

Deputy Owner/Leader - Vbdaff

Deputy Owner - Jersey Flash


Lady Arrwwen (Site Admin/Accounts Manager/Citadel Manager)

TBD - Secretary (if not oveseer, remove from this list)

TBD - Parliamentarian (if not overseer, remove from this list)  

Swt MaryKrull1184Nushka Angel
Demondad_99Corina ViperW64Megatron 
Mara JAldeberon40X Anarchy XX

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 If you have not been voted in this time, please don't leave us.  Candidates require 51% "yes" of votes counted to be voted in, so probably the majority of clan members don't know you well enough yet to vote yes or no.  Just be active, helpful and respectful of others in the chat, participate in events and the citadel, and be patient!  Get to know us and let us get to know you.  We're glad you want to be part of our family and we want you to stay!

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Weekly Penguins

Penguin spying
Penguin in Disguise 
Penguin in barrel

 Penguins for the week of September

To access the Canada Girl Penguin forum click 

For the invisible (ghost) penguin, please join the "w60pengy" friends chat.  Wear your ring of visibility.
1.) Ape Atoll - Bush (2 point)
Cannot leave the Northern part of Ape Atoll. Last seen near the agility course north of scout by river.
2.) Lletya - Toadstool (2 point)
Cannot leave Lletya.
3.) Jatizso - Rock (2 point)
Cannot leave Jatizso and the snow covered islands. Last seen jatizso - ne guard tower.
4.) Goblin Village - Bush (1 point)
Last seen in falador in the house south of the party room. please close the door.
5.) Musa Point - Crate (1 point)
Last seen capt arnav house brimhaven. south of brimhaven charter ship dock.
6.) Burthorpe - Rock (1 point)
Cannot leave the path leading to thrower trolls on Death Plataeu.
7.) Sawmill - Crate (1 point)
Cannot leave the Lumberyard Northeast of Varrock.
8.) Desert - Cactus (1 point)
Last seen mayors house in nardah.
9.) Desert - Cactus (2 point)
Last seen west side of the swamp by the fallen pillar.
10.) Port Phasmatys - Barrel (2 point)
Cannot leave the town. Last seen cooking house, please remember to close the door.
11.) Ardougne - Polar Bear (1 point)
Cannot leave in the well North of Ardougne, near the farm shop.
11.) Invisible (Ghost) (Penguin) - (3 points)
      Teleports every 2-20 minutes, can't be trapped

Penguin Disguises
Penguins in disguisesOther
Penguin in barrelPenguin in bushPenguin in cactusPenguin cratePolar bear
BarrelBushCactusCratePolar bear

Pumpkin penguin

X-mas Peng
Penguin in rockPenguin in toadstoolPenguin (invisible)
*The official worlds for this activity are 60 and 71.

For the new invisible penguin, please join the "w60pengy" friends chat.
1.) Mage Training Arena (Bush) - (1 point)